My favorite shake flavor ever captain crunch! Healthy version of cereal :) take care of your body! #Herbalife #breakfastofchamps #captaincrunch #yummy

Can’t wait to dig into this yummy and healthy dinner! #smartchicken #helathymeal #cleaneating

Wow!! Seeing results like crazy!! A couple months ago i could only run a mile in 12-13 minutes, and i hate running, especially because of my knee pains, which are going away thanks to #Herbalifeline…. But I just ran 1 mile in 9 minutes!!!! What an amazing feeling to be one step closer to your goals :) YOU ARE MADE IN THE OFF SEASON! 2014 race season will see a totally transformed Megan! :D email me if you want to transform yourself too! Im here to help you :) // #beastmode #progress #results (at Student Recreation Center/Pittsburg Armory)

What you eat in private, you wear in public. #eatclean

80% nutrition, 20% fitness, & 100% mindset is all you need to reach your goals! Its amazing what good nutrition can do for you! The progress i have seen since the beginning of the semester is incredible!! I can do stuff i never thought i could! Consistency is key, just like with racing <3 I wasn’t able to workout yesterday so i did double time at the gym tonight! My favorite part was seeing the results of my hard work: 100 squats, 100 pushups, & 100 situps! That’s crazy!!! :) if i can do it so can you!! Email me for help: #beastmode

#ootd to go with my #herbalifeshake of the day! :) #healthyishappy

FINISH your 2013 resolutions before making new ones! If you or someone you know needs some extra cash income for the holidays, send me an email! Join my team of AMAZING leaders, I have 2 spots open!!! You get to work with amazing nutrition clubs and help people get healthy, happy, and fit! #bestcompanyever #herbaliferocks #selfemployed #leadership #training #lovewhatyoudo // send emails to if interested! :)

Growing up with knee problems all my life was hard, i couldn’t do all the sports i wanted to. I usually took aspirin when the pain would get really bad, but a month ago i started taking a #Herbalife tablet called HERBALIFELINE, and it works wonders!! My knee pains are almost gone, and can start running more! Its packed with Omega3s to help with your heart and joints. Its amazing, and i highly recommend it to anyone who has joint pains! Contact me if you would like to try it, or if you know someone who would :)

"there are three types of people in the world, those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and this who wonder what happened." Today is a new day!! What will type of person are you?? It has been a while since my last workout, but today starts my off season training! Gotta prepare my body for next years racing, and getting my license for TAD! :) #Herbalife rebuild and an apple for my post workout snack! #tgim

Homemade scarves are the best!! Thanks mom :)